What We Do

Chancellor Construction, with over 15 years local building history, is a professional project management company in Auckland. Chancellor Construction prides itself on the core value of quality & efficiency, professionalism, and client experience.

Chancellor Construction benefits from a reliable trade network. Only high quality, trustworthy building suppliers and contractors will be chosen to work with. From material selection to site construction, high standard supervision is applied to every step of the process.

Three key points keep us outstanding in the market:

Fixed Contract Pricing: When we spend money on anything we surely do not want any surprises in between, so we make our building contracts a fixed price contract, leaving no room for surprises between our builds.

Efficiency: We do not wait round for things to happen. We make it happen utilizing our resources we are well prepared into any projects that is handed our way. We do not juggle on projects that we cannot deliver, and surely do not want to be using up clients time with no result.

Project Delivery: We make sure all projects are delivered from beginning to end. We double check and triple check that everything is built accordingly to our agreed terms and contract, and when we finish, we would not just pack our bags and leave. We are here to have long-term relationship with our clients.